Bring Window to Front / Steal Focus

Let me start by saying I am not the IT manager or administrator for my organization.

In the options available to me in Spark, I, as well as many other users in my office, have unchecked the “bring window to front” option however our Spark messages continue to steal focus, even if the window does not come to the front.

I work in an office with 200+ people and really don’t need my typing interupted every time someone says or broadcasts a “brb” so they can go pee.

How can I disable this? As a side note I am running Spark 2.6.3

Ask your administrators to update to 2.7.1 version. Well, first you can ask for a pilot test (install only for you and maybe few others to test if it fixes the issue). It was a bug in Java 6. And 2.6.3 is still using Java 6. 2.7.1 is using Java 7.

We are still having this issue at our company. We are using the newest Spark version 2.7.1 with Java 8 update 51

Well, Jillian haven’t got back here on this issue (fixed or not by upgrade). It is not happening for me, nor i get complaints about this at our company. Maybe you have Java 6 or some application with Java 6 built-in on your systems? What does Spark shows on the Help > About window? Should be Java 1.7.0_80 by default, or 1.8.0_51 in your case, if you have deleted built-in jre folder in Spark.

Sorry for the delayed response. Upgrading to 2.7.1 has fixed the steal focus problem for all users at my company. We are noticing a lot more connection loss, but considering the isp connection problems we’ve had lately I’m much more apt to attribute it to that than the upgrade. Thanks for you help!