Broadcast Issue: Multiple Broadcast Windows Open

I couldn’‘t find anything in the forums about this issue, so hopefully I’‘m not dupe’'ing an already know problem.

If I send a broadcast message using Spark, I get about 10-15 broadcast messages pop-up. Each message window contains my broadcast message, but says it’'s from one of the other users. Each message window contains a different user, and this issue seems only to be present for the person who originate the broadcast message.

This doesn’'t seem to happen when I do a simple broadcast to a subgroup of users. Just when I do a Broadcast to all users.


UPDATE: Looks like the users that are bouncing messages back are user who are offline.

Wow, that’‘s not cool I’'ve filed SPARK-336 to fix this asap.

Thanks for the report,


Update: Looks like messages are bouncing back for users who are offline.

I’'m not allowing offline messages to be stored on the server. (Incase that adds to my problem)