Broadcast JIDs don''t work (except for ''all@blah'')

I’‘m trying to broadcast a message to some groups I’‘ve set up, one named ‘‘staff’’, the other ‘‘seniorstaff’’. I haven’'t been able to get any messages to either ‘‘staff@server’’ or ‘‘seniorstaff@server’’ to work. However, when I send to ‘‘all@server’’, it works fine, and everyone receives it.

My user is an administrator in the XML configuration file, and is an admin of both groups. I have no plugin.broadcast configuration settings saved in ‘‘System Properties’’, so they should be defaulting to the settings defined here, which seems to indicate that everything should be working fine.

Any ideas what’'s wrong and how I could fix the problem?

Thanks in advance!


did you add “all@broadcast.server” and “seniorstaff@broadcast.server” to your roster and are you subscribed to both?

Do you see errors in the log files or the xmpp debug window (“F12” opens it within Spark)?


I did subscribe to all three (seniorstaff@, staff@, and all@), and all of them show as online “users”. Tells me that the broadcast is available to use.

I did watch the error logs while broadcasting, but there were no logs regarding the broadcast, whether error, info or warning. There’‘s just nothing. It would seem that the server is ignoring my broadcast requests to staff and seniorstaff groups. I even tried setting the config for the broadcast plugin to be very permissive (allowing -anyone- to broadcast, regardless of group membership). Again, none of the group broadcasts are working for me, and I don’'t know why.