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Broadcast message to offline users

How send broadcast message to all users, include offline?

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UPD: using broadcast plugin version 1.1.5

broadcast sent to all@broadcast.server sends broadcast only to online users

broadcast sent to groupname@broadcast.server sends broadcast message to online users and stores message in Offline folder for offline users.

some broadcast plugins settings:

  • plugin.broadcast.serviceName – the name of the broadcast service. If no value is set, the default is “broadcast”.

  • plugin.broadcast.disableGroupPermissions – true to allow any user to broadcast a message to a group. When false, only group members or administrators can broadcast messages to a group. The default value is false.

  • plugin.broadcast.groupMembersAllowed – true to also allow group members to send broadcast messages to groups they belong to. When false, only administrators can send broadcast messages to a group. The default value is true. Note that the property value of plugin.broadcast.disableGroupPermissions can effectively override this value by letting anyone send broadcast messages to groups.

  • plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers – the comma-delimitted list of users allowed to broadcast messages to all connected users at once. When this property isn’'t set, anyone is allowed to broadcast messages to all users.

Though with some clients (as Exodus) inbuild broadcast function you can send broadcast even if plugin.broadcast.disableGroupPermissions is enabled


After update server to 2.5.1 now it work fine!