Broadcast messages in Spark

I’‘m trying to limit users who can use the broadcast feature of spark and can’'t find any way to do it. From what I can gather after wading through the forums, this featuer should have been removed from spark 2.0 and instead be controlled by the broadcast plugin to wildfire. However, my install of Spark has the broadcast option and all uses can use it (even after setting the system properties and restarting the server). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.




I would love an answer to this also.


I’'ve noticed if the user does not have write priveledges to the Plugins folder for spark the broadcast feature does not show up (i am not sure if they recieve broadcasts though, please test) I am using spark version 2.0.1.

You could try restricting what users have WRITE priveledges to that folder should prevent them from broadcasting. I think this is a bug though and hope is fixed. What you are trying to do should definitely be a server plugin configuration.