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Broadcast not working - Crashes Client

Started life with Jabber 1.4 migrated to Jabberd2 and found bliss in Wildfire 2.5.0 (well almost).

Wildfire 2.5.0 - Number of users: 34

Broadcast Plugin 1.3.1

(settting: plugin.broadcast.disableGroupPermissions - true )

Clients Tested:

Gaim 1.5.0/2.0 Beta2

PSI v0.10


Jabber domain: jabber.priv.domain.ca

I’'ve added groupname@broadcast.jabber.priv.domain.ca for each group we have.

Everytime I send a message, the message goes through but it goes through to each contact 34 times and then the client sending the message crashes. Also the clients receiving the message can’'t really use their computer until the message has been received the entire 34 times! argh…

Any thoughs if I’‘ve done something wrong or if there’'s a Broadcast plugin problem with the long domain we have?



Could you try to right click any group in Exodus (dont remember how it works in other clients) and select Broadcast message. Is it still sending n[/b] times for every user?

Yes that works in Exodus perfectly, but we have Gaim installed across the board. I am looking at other clients to use as we really want (a few would say ‘‘need’’) this feature.

For now I’‘ve removed the broadcast plugin because I can’'t seem to find the source for it to try and figure it out myself.