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Broadcast plugin causes Gaim client to crash

I am running the 2.4.3 WF server and have installed the Broadcast plugin 1.3.1

everytime I try and broadcast a message from my Gaim 1.5.0 client it Gaim crashs.

any thoughts



I recently came across this problem. It is really strange, but here is what I have found.

-If you have and groups set up, make sure none of the users are marked as Admins in that group.

-In System Properties, add the property:


with the value set to: false

-Also add:


with the value set to: true

-If you DO NOT have groups, or you are trying to send a message to all users, regardless of group, the make sure plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers contains the username you are logged in as (bob@server)

-Then, if you have the broadcast user in your list in Gaim, delete it, and add it again.

You may have to restart the server a few hundred times for it to start working, but that is how we fixed the problem. Hope this helps.