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Broadcast Plugin Configuration

Can someone provide me with some clarification to the configuration of the Broadcast Plugin? I have read the read-me and teh thing that I found interesting was that none of the Plugin.Broadcast System Properties were in the list even though I had installed the plugin and was able to send broadcast messages from my Spark Client. So I added the system properties below per the read-me document.

I am trying to setup the ability for members of a group to send broadcast messages to other members of the groups that they are members of, but only to those groups - based on membership. In addition I want to allow specific users to send broadcast messages to all users.

Current Configuration:

plugin.broadcast.serviceName - broadcast

plugin.broadcast.disableGroupPermissions - false
plugin.broadcast.groupMembersAllowed - true

plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers - user@myserver.com

Basically what is happening is that all users are able to send broadcasts to all users… is this the appropriate configuration?

OpenFire 3.6.0
Spark 2.5.8

I built my own broadcast plugin that is 1000 times better then the built in plugin. It give me the ability to assigne users to roles that control user groups that they can broadcast to.


Any luck you might make this plugin public? I’m currently looking for the functionality you described. Thank you.

sterling, would you like to contribute it to the community? There is a forum section for that -
Ignite Realtime > Plugins and Libraries > Community Plugins

You can start a document with plugin description and instructions. If you want, of course