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Broadcast Plugin crashing client

I tried finding this elsewhere on the forums and didnt have any luck, I hope this is not a dupe or known issue.

I installed broadcast plugin, configured it, tested it, everything was fine (1st day server was up was yesterday 1/11/06).

I went home, left server running.

Came in next morning, using broadcast crashes GAIM client. I choose ‘‘new instant message’’ from the BUDDIES menu within GAIM, and type ‘‘IT@broadcast.codex’’ where IT is my group, broadcast is the service name, and codex is the name of my server. It crashes the client.

I belong to the IT group, but also tried this with another group I was not a member of.

Restarting broadcast plugin from within admin interface did not correct this. Restarting the Wildfire service on the W2000 Server doesnt fix this.

Using GAIM client 1.5.0.

My plugin settings are:

plugin.broadcast.disableGroupPermissions = true

plugin.broadcast.groupMembersAllowed = true

plugin.broadcast.serviceName = broadcast

Thanks in advance.