Broadcast plugin doesn't seem to work

I’ve added broadcast plugin to my openfire server through “available plugins”,

added and set broadcast properties in Server -> Server Manager -> System Properties,

added a new user all@broadcast.serverName in my admin console,

installed two chat clients, one on virtual machine on windows (spark) and one on mac (adium).

I’ve logged in on spark client with user1, and on adium client with user2. I see them both online, connected to my openfire server.

But when I try to send a broadcast message, let’s say, from user1 to a user named all@broadcast.serverName, user2 doesn’t get the message.

I need help, why this broadcasting doesn’t work? I’ve set broadcast properties very carefully, I am sending message to user “all”, what could be I doing wrong?

Ok, so the steps were not too simple in order for this to work. Log files also didn’t work in openfire and that was basically the crucial step in seeing where is the problem.

So, I’ve enabled log files in openfire by modifying /usr/local/openfire/lib/log4j.xml file and changing all occurrences of ${openfirehome} to /usr/local/openfire.

Then I saw an error in broadcast code itself. So, I’ve downloaded wildfire source where I found broadcast plugin in plugins directory and build it with ant command.

That way everything worked like a charm