Broadcast Plugin Problems


I have installed the broadcast plugin and have set things up as follow …

  • 1 group, with 1 admin and 2 members, called httparty
  • plugin.broadcast.disableGroupPermissions set to false
  • plugin.broadcast.groupMembersAllowed set to false
  • plugin.broadcast.serviceName set to gems

So in theory (if I’ve interpreted the instructions provided with plugin correctly) nobody other than the 1 admin member of group httparty should be allowed to broadcast messages to httparty@gem.homer.local.

However, if I try to broadcast a message from either of the two standard members I get XMPP Message Error Code 45 which is expected, but I also get the same message when trying to broadcast a message from the group admin, which is unexpected.

Can anyone help me with this issue as it’s driving me round the bend ?