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Broadcast Plugin

Hey all,

I’'m going to try to get a plugins page put up on the site over the next couple of days. Until then, you can use the broadcast plugin attached to this message. Simply download broadcast.jar and put it into the plugins directory of your Jive Messenger installation. The plugin will be automatically started. I plan to add a GUI configuration page for the plugin in a future version. For now, you must manually set properties to control it. Valid properties are (controllable through properties page of admin console):

  • plugin.broadcast.serviceName – name of the component. Default value is “broadcast”, which means broadcast.example.com, etc.

  • plugin.broadcast.groupMembersAllowed – true if group members should be allowed to broadcast messages to other group members. Otherwise, only group admins can broadcast messages. True by default.

  • plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers – bare JID’'s of users that are allowed to send broadcast messages to everyone. If this list is blank, anyone can send broadcast messages to everyone.

To use the service – send messages to either “all@broadcast.[yourserver]” or “[groupName]@broadcast.[yourserver]”.



Note: edited to remove attachment – new version is in message below

i am not able to use the broadcast capabilities. I am using PSI and I am trying to send a message to all@broadcast.myjabber.server.com and i have populated the right db properties and i am an admin in the group i am trying to broadcast to.

What error did you get? Also, can you paste in the exact property values you’'re using?




I do not get an error from PSI, users just don’'t get my messages. Maybe I am doing it wrong? Where am I supposed to be writing the all@broadcast.zxy.abc.com?

name: plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers


name: plugin.broadcast.groupMembersAllowed

value: false

name: plugin.broadcast.serviceName

value: broadcast



Is the name of your server “zxy.abc.com”?

In any case, I’'ve attached a new version of the plugin that fixes a few bugs.



hello! how to use the broadcast pluging, how to add it to my server? thanks

and how to use mysql as an external database?

thanks again

hello! how to use the broadcast pluging, how to add

it to my server? thanks

Just drop broadcast.jar into your plugins/ directory (of the Jive Messenger install) and Jive Messenger will take care of the rest. You’'ll notice that the .jar will be expanded into a directory.

and how to use mysql as an external database?

thanks again

Please check out the database setup guide that comes with the download. You’'ll also find an option to connect to MySQL in the setup tool.



I installed the broadcast plugin and added the values as described in the first post as above.

I took the java app i wrote to message a user that works and changed the user to IT@broadcast. to broadcast to the IT group but nobody recieves the message.

The debug log from the script shows the following:

2005.01.17 13:46:37 Connect Socket[addr=/,port=2129,localport=5222]

2005.01.17 13:46:37 Logging off admin@ on org.jivesoftware.messenger.net.SocketConnection

Edit: I thought i should add that the error log shows no error after running the script.

I would recommend trying to make things work using a normal client first (before Smack) – that will make it easier to see error messages from the server. If the server doesn’‘t broadcast the message, it will at least return an error telling you why it didn’'t.



Hi Matt; can you give an example of legal content for the plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers parameter? The description in your initial post is confusing to me, as a fledgling IM admin type. It says “bare JID’'s of users that are allowed to send broadcast messages to everyone” but I’'m not sure what that means. Is a “bare JID” just the name without the server? What is the format of the list; is it JIDs separated by commas? Whitespace?

I tried to set this value to “admin” (no quotes) and it didn’'t work… or rather, I was still able to send broadcast messages when I was logged in using my account.


What I really need to do is add a page to the admin console to configure the plugin. I’'m planning on doing that for an upcoming release.

For allowedUsers – in the latest version of the plugin you can either use just usernames such as “joe, mary, jeff” or full JID’‘s such as "joe@example.com, mary@example.com, jeff@example.com". You can also mix usernames and JID’'s together: “joe, mary@example.com, jeff”.

Be sure that you spelled the property correctly. Also, you need to restart the server or plugin after making any changes to the property (another reason I need to add the admin console page). A couple ways to restart the plugin:

  1. On unix, use “touch broadcast.jar”. That will update the date on the JAR file which will tell the server to redeploy the plugin.

  2. Delete the JAR file from the plugins directory. After a few seconds, you should see the broadcast directory deleted automatically as well. Then copy the broadcast.jar file back into the plugins dir to redeploy the plugin.



Aha. I didn’‘t realize I needed to restart. That’‘s undoubtedly my problem. I’'m pretty sure I got the name right since I cut/pasted it from your message :-).

Since I’'m on Linux, the touch method seems like it will work… and it did! Thanks.

ERROR: , Code=405

Original Message was:

Address not valid: noc@broadcast.dcaim01

I get this error when trying to send a broadcast to a group. I have no problem sending broadcast messages to all@broadcast.server.

Is the group name “noc”? Make sure that you have the correect case, etc.