Broadcast & Roster management via Admin Console

We use the broadcast plugin with Openfire 3.6.0a. If a user adds the broadcast address manually, this JID in the roster has a presence state. But presence information is absent, if broadcast JID has been added to the user roster via Admin Console.

P.S. I also made translation into Russian for “Admin Console” (setup and clearspace sections is not translated yet), Search and Monitoring plugins. Who can I send files with the translation?


with 3.6.2 Openfire has an “Edit” button for the roster and there one can select “Subscription”: “None|To|From|Both”. The default subscription is “none”.

To contribute things you may need to sign a contributor agreement. You could also try to create a new thread in the Openfire Dev forum and upload the i18n files there and describe them as public domain and free for random usage.