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Broadcast window missing user selection pane

OpenFire 3.6.3

Spark 2.5.8

We have been slowly rolling out Spark in our company and everything has been working fine. Today, while installing it in our accounting department, I noticed that when they click on the broadcast button they are missing the user selection pane that is normally on the right. (See attached file broadcast_window_after.jpg) It used to look like the attached screenshot broadcast_window_before.jpg. What has changed? I’m using the same versions and same installer script.

If you can shed any light on this it would be appreciated.


Are you sure you were using the same versions? Your before screenshot looks like Spark 2.6.0 Beta or some SVN version to me. Though i havent used 2.5.8 for a very long, so i maybe wrong.

DOH! I didn’t mean to mark this as answered. No way back, eh? Oh well…

You are correct that the other screenshot is from the beta I’m running on another PC. But it is similar to the one I was getting with 2.5.8 before something changed. It had a list on the right just like that with users and check boxes. Now it doesn’t. What happended?

Hard to say. Is it ok with other users? What if you try to login with the user who has the correct broadcast window on this machine? Maybe your accounting users has only one group? I’m just assuming here. Don’t really know what is happening.


Coworker: Help->About Spark 2.5.8 broadcast window normal

Me: Help->About Spark 2.5.8 broadcast window missing right side user list

I copied the lib folder from his “program files\spark” on top of mine and now I can see the user list. WTF? We only have one installation file and one installation script that was used for both machines.

Does anyone know which version the broadcast window began including the user list with checkboxes?