Broadcast window resizing issue

Reposting as question.

If you try to resize broadcast window (Actions > Broadcast message) to be able to see more contacts, it messes up. Seems that Spark is trying to display all contacts without scrollbar and window gets out of bounds.

also, if you expand it horizontally, you can’'t reduce it

his happens in windows, however linux (ubunto 7.04) resizing works fine.

also this window doesnt save its position and size after closing it (Windows)


I do not have this problem at all. A vid capture of the window working as it should is at this URL:
broadcast.avi (0 Bytes)

Thanks for you video. I was using default Spark’s blue theme. With System look and feel it behaves normally. I will comment on that Jira issue.

Wow that is amazing. I just vrified that with the spark theme it does have the issue you describe.

re-uploading broadcast.avi
broadcast.avi (3819520 Bytes)

Does this mean that it will work for me also?

Nope, just me (insert evil laugh).

Just kidding. Everyone should be able to upload files (up to 20MB). After a peek at the logs, Nate noticed that our mysql max_allowed_packets was set way too low. After it was increased to a more reasonable number, I was able to upload the file.

How did you switch themes for the Spark client? I must be dense because I’m not finding instructions in the documentation, only an explanation of how make and load new themes. Is that the only way to load the ‘System Look and Feel’ theme?

There is the spark theme and the windows theme. a check box to use one or the other as you noted. you must exit spark for it to take effect.