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Broadcasting message from email to users?

Hi all,

I have Jive server 2.1.5 up and running (great product I might add). Basically I’‘m wondering if it’'s possible to be able to send either an email or external command format to Jive and have it broadcast a message to all users who are logged in. I have the broadcast plugin setup and running fine for when you log into the admin utility you can send a message manually to all users, but I was hoping for a bit more.

I’'ve searched quite a bit and saw a lot of people doing the opposite, meaning when you attempt to send a message and the user is not logged in, the message gets sent via email.

The reason for wanting this setup is as follows:

I have a utility Nagios that monitors our entire network, if there is a problem (alarm, host down, etc.) then Nagios notifies my instance of Request Tracker, and RT then creates a trouble ticket. RT has all the nifty email features, which means I could then dump and email to Jive, and notify all respected users or groups from IM of the problem.

Is something like this possible with Jive? Thanks ahead of time!

Hey Max,

It may be confusing but the broadcast plugin is not related to the broadcast menu option that you have in the Admin Console. That menu option was there long ago before the broadcast plugin was implemented. However, one idea we were evaluating was to implement that feature using the broadcast plugin.

Anyway, I think that what you are looking for is the broadcast plugin. Check out url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/messenger/plugins.jsp?plugin=broadcast.jar&showR eadme=truethis link[/url] to learn more about this plugin. In summary, if your RT is connected to JM you can then send a message to any group/s you want and the message will be broadcasted. If the user of the group is offline then the messages will be stored and forwarded when the user becomes online (this option may be modified).



Hey Gato,

Thanks for your time. Yeah, at first I was a tad confused about the broadcast plugin and the admin console message utility. I see the difference now though. I still couldn’'t get the broadcast plugin to work right, but I found a solution. What I was looking for was a command that would fire off messages automatically whenever I needed another app to call it. I found a great little Perl script to do the trick for me. Perhaps others can find this useful as well. The link to the jabber_alert.pl script is:


It only depends on three Perl modules, I believe, and works great if you want to implement it into say a script of your own to call this one. Again, thanks a bunch!