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Broadcasting message to all user

I am using Jeti Messenger . I want to send a broadcast message to all users

how do I do it

At the moment there is no “announce” function for JM.

There does seem to be one in the works.

Check out JM-295 and feel free to vote for it.


Maybe the Broadcast plugin could be what you want? You can find it here: http://www.jivesoftware.org/messenger/plugins.jsp

With that you can broadcast to all all users or all online users or users in a server-group.

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you can use boradcast plugin (send message to all ONLINE users):

http://www.jivesoftware.org/messenger/plugins.jsp?plugin=broadcast.jar&showReadm e=true

or you can send message to all ONLINE users in Admin Console (Sessions > Tools > Send Message)

WOW, ok so I’'ve had it installed for a few months and never noticed that you could message directly to the plugin… I thought it was for admin console only. I guess it pays to RTFM sometimes … :stuck_out_tongue:

Using the Plugin

To send a broadcast message, send a message to all@[serviceName].[serverName] or @[serviceName].[serverName]. For example, if your server is called foo and the default service name is being used, a message to all@broadcast.foo would be broadcast to all users connected to the server. For the group staff, a message to staff@broadcast.foo would be sent to all users in the group staff that are currently online.