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Broadcasting to multiple groups

I recently began playing with the broadcast features of Openfire, and they’'re quite swell. However, one shortcoming that i found was the lack of ability to add groups to broadcast groups.

We use our IM system for company announcements, sales announcements, cake announcements, etc. Some messages should go to everyone, some only to certain departments.

i would love to be able to add managers, inside sales & outside sales departments to a “newsale” broadcast group, and add my internal departments to an “office” group so that satellite offices don’'t get announcements about pizza in the lunch room, etc.

It seems that the only way to do this now is to add all of the various users individually and then keep the various (overlapping) lists up to date. Being able to add groups to broadcast groups would be a godsend.

am i just overlooking this feature?



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anyone else see this as a worthy feature? i can’'t be the only one in this situation.