Brodcast Message Question

When somebody on my contact list sends out a brodcast message it comes up in a small pop up box in the bottom right corner of my screen and is only there for a few seconds then it goes away. Is there any way to make that come up in a box that will stay on the screen until I hit OK or something on it to make it go away. It becomes a problem when I am away from my desk top and somebody does send one out. By the time I get back it is gone. I am using version Thanks…

What is the reason not to upgrade to 2.0.8 version? In latest version broadcast are coming like simple messages with a title - Broadcast from User

Though Spark is still receiveing Exodus internal broadcast messages as simple messages from user. One more thing is broadcast from server. These messages have only title “Broadcast” and you cant answer them. Though i can specify a user (and i have specified me as i’'m an administrator of server) who will be receiveing messages addressed to a server.