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Broken login on Firefox Mobile

Hi, this is another meta post. When I open discourse in Firefox Mobile, it looks natively mobile.

However, when I press the login button, the login dialog is shown very far to the right and down outside of the visible screen. Zooming out makes it appear on screen, but tapping anything but the (then very tiny) input box makes the dialog disappear again.

It would be great to have a mobile-friendly login button. Thanks.

Do you have this problem with other Discourse instances too?

As far as I know, we’re running a pretty standard Discourse instance. I see Flow updating it all the time, so I’m guestimating that we’re running a relatively up-to-date version.

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I have just installed Firefox Mobile on Pixel XL Android 10 and Samsung S9 Android 9 and it works OK both in mobile and desktop version. Also works fine with https://meta.discourse.org, which is an official forum of Discourse and should be using a version close to ours (maybe newer, if they use betas there). Obviously ours is a bit modified. I suggest creating an account there and test. If you have the same issue on Meta, then you can post there and try to get help finding out why it behaves like that for you.

The login screen on meta seems to have more elements, but it also behaves in a sane way.

Now I realized this also affects the reply popup.

Normal view:

Zoomed out:

Did you mean “same” or “sane”?

Login screen seemed pretty similar to me on both sites. Anyway, can’t reproduce it on two of my devices. Not sure what we can do about this.

Meta has more login options, but login box is mostly the same. I have just fired up my old Huawei tablet with Android 5 and login box is behaving correctly on both sites also. It seems that in your case it can’t determine the correct position of dialog box or maybe can’t understand the resolution or something. Btw, what device and OS?

Sane. The UI on meta seems to work better. On the Ignite instance, it looks like the navigation bar is causing the whole page to be very wide, much wider than the view port, and the dialogs get centered on the page and not in the view port.

I’m using Firefox 68.1.1 on Android 8. I tested it on Firefox Beta and even disabled uBlock Origin, to no avail. No idea what could cause it to be different just on my device, though.

I see how website’s navigation can cause this. Meta doesn’t have this, just pure Discourse. Still strange, that i can’t reproduce this on my devices. And we don’t really want to remove the navigation, so it would be easier to reach other places from the forums. I guess this works ok in Chrome?

Usually, the navigation menu gets collapsed into a vertical or selection list on mobile. Maybe you can implement something similar?

You are right, it works on Chrome (the menu is still expanding to the right, but Chrome forbids zooming out, and the login overlay is properly centered over the view port). Unfortunately, Google deliberately crippled mobile Chrome, so it’s unusable for day to day browsing.

This site is a legacy left behind by Jive Software. We don’t have good web devs to rebuild or update it. The code is on GitHub https://github.com/igniterealtime/IgniteRealtime-Website So, if anyone knows of a quick hack/fix, make a PR :wink: Will file this to not get lost https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/WEB-87

I’m not sure if https://github.com/mnsuccess has time for that outside of everything he does for Openfire now, but i think he has web dev experience and maybe can take a look at this at some point.