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Buddy Groups - user created groups disappearing

Hi there, hope someone can help with this one. Running Openfire 4.1.5 (know it’s old, upgrading shortly!).
This is AD synced and have created one Group, of which pulls all users through from a specific AD group. All working fine.
A user has mentioned that in the past they have been able to create ‘Buddy Lists’ and drag people in to one or more of these lists. However, when he tries now, after an amount of time the users are removed from the list/s and if he logs out and back on, the lists he’s created disappear.
I assume this is all because Openfire is pulling all the info from AD and when it re-syncs it removes everything. If so that makes sense, but I can’t understand how this has worked for the user in past as we’ve always had AD sync running…

I don’t have much experience here, but I think that you should be able to add entries on the roster, even if the roster is read-only. A roster item can define a relation to a group, so I’m not immediately seeing a problem there either.

What you describe sure sounds like the change never got persisted. Maybe it ended up in a server-sided cache (for the change to be removed after a timeout).

I’d suggest that you enable debug logging, and keep an eye on the logs while that user is adding a new roster item. Maybe we’re in luck and some kind of database problem is logged.

Also, if you have access to the database, it would be very interesting to find out if the changes to the roster get persisted in the ofRoster and ofRosterGroups tables.

But yeah, maybe upgrade first. Any findings that you’ll make have a great chance of being irrelevant to newer versions.