Buddy import new openfire server


im setting on a new openfire server on debian and i also have an old one. the server is connected with ldap and pidgin is the client. now i want to import the old database under /var/lib/openfire/embedded-db/openfire.script with all the client settings like buddys and groups into the new server. therefor i just renamed the openfire.script from the new server and copied the old openfire.script into the directory from the new one. now i logged in with pidgin but the groups and buddys werent imported.

what am i doin wrong?

please help

So, you use LDAP integration on the second server also? Groups information is taken directly from LDAP and probably the only information stored in the database is groups sharing options.

both servers should be the same so the old one also uses ldap integration. the new one should just be virtualized. there are no groups in our ldap just users. so i just want that all users have their groups and buddys and settings in their pidgin client when they use the new openfire server like they have when they are connected to the old openfire server

I don’t know exactly how LDAP integration works, but i thought that it takes all the users and structure from the AD and local database is not used. So, maybe all the groups your users had were manually created in their Pidgins, but now they connect to a technically new server and Pidgin doesn’t show their manual groups for the old server. Or did you created all the groups somehow on the server? I know that you can turn on ldap groups sharing in the Admin Console, and this configuration must be stored somewhere, probably in the local database. Or maybe in the /conf/openfire.xml