Buddy list not updating

Running Wildfire 2.2.0 .

The client buddy list are not updating from the server correctly. I have my account logged on with Gaim and Spark. I ask and employee to sign off. On the Wildifre console “Client Session” the employee is no longer connected but still shows up on my Gaim and Spark. I log off with can and sign on again and the employee is signed off, but still shows on my Gaim client.

Same thing happens when a user signs on. Basically the list won’'t update unless I manually sign on and off.

Any settings to check?



Hey John,

Are you using Wildfire 2.2 or 3.2? Are you using shared groups? Any info on how to reproduce your setup would help us know what is going on.


– Gato

woops typo. I mean 3.2.

Yes most of my groups are shared. The problem happens to both people in the same group and people outside the group.

I can’'t really tell you how to reproduce the behavior because I just upgraded from 3.0 to 3.2 and noticed the problem.