Buddy List Refresh

Hello. I recently installed OpenFire and I am working on getting everything tested and configured for production. Users, across multiple clients, are experiencing a problem. When a user signs on they don’t show as being online on my buddy list until I logout and back in. We are pushing groups but I added a user to a group that I created with my client and had the same issue.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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What clients are you using?


Pidgin, iChat

I’m having the same issue. Newly logged-in users only show up after logging out, then back in again; rather than automatically refreshing the current state of whoever is online/offline as it should.

Server: Mac OS X 10.6, Openfire 3.6.4. LDAP authentication. Internal Database.

Clients: iChat 5, Spark 2.5.8

This is migrating from an Ubuntu server where I don’t remember this happening. Any ideas or updates on this issue?

we are also having that problem, are there any solutions so far?

openfire 3.6.4, clients: spark, pidgin, kopete