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Buddy names relative to ...?

Is there an easy way to allow people to add buddies based on their email address or any specific LDAP field ?

ie right now you connect to foo.bar.bang.tld.com so in order to add buddies you have to add them has user@foo.bar.bang.tld.com I’d like to be able to add people based on user@tld.com or even user

Is that possible ?

I assume since you mention LDAP you are actually using LDAP. If that is the case you could create a group in LDAP that contains all chat users and share the group. This would auto create a group folder in each person’s roster prepoulated with all users.

Thats not feasible since we have (many) thousands of people in our organisation.

The only option at your disposal to simplify this would be the search service. Search results are right clickable to add the users to the roster. Wild cards do work as well.

So there is no method for adding buddies by username or email address ? (perhaps an ldap config ?)

The server tracks people via their JID. The same is for the client. So no. You are limited to using the full JID (someuser@someserver.domain.com).