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BUG 3.2.2 - Testing admin accounts in setup wizard

Testing a fresh install of Wildfire 3.2.2 and noticed a bug.

When you get to the “Administrator Account” setup screen in the setup wizard, you will get an error message while testing an admin account even though the test succeeds. To reproduce:

  1. Get to the “Administrator Account” screen (I only tested with LDAP admins)

  2. Add an admin

  3. Click the “test” icon.

  4. Enter the password and hit the “Test” button.

  5. After the successful test, close the AJAX overlay.

  6. Notice the error message at the top of the page. Error will read: No username was provided or the specified username was not found.

It looks like after the AJAX tests complete, the underlying “Administrator Account” page reloads in the background and comes back expected to have seen a username passed to it.

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I’'ve got the same error.