[BUG] Admin Console

Minor bugs on the Admin Console:

  1. The Gateways->Settings and Gateways->Registrations pages display “Wildfire ???login.title???: …” on browser window.

  2. In the list of registered users, initial click on “Edit” displays “admin” as the default “username”. Subsequent clicks are fine.

  3. When I disable IRC check box in “Filter by:”, I could not enable it back.

  1. This is a known bug that we are trying to figure out the best way to handle: GATE-36

  2. Weird! I can not duplicate this! There is actually a good chance that your browser is auto-filling this in for you though. Like the fields are labeled username and password so your browser might be using it’‘s password management stuff and seeing that, seeing it’‘s your server’‘s url, and saying "oh, i’'m going to auto-fill in with what this person uses to log in to the admin console to begin with".

  3. =/ confirmed. GATE-43

  1. ok

  2. You’‘re right about the auto-fill thing. I suppose it won’'t help much if you change the field name to something else. However, I think this could impose a security issue when an admin accidentally passes the admin password to external IRC server. Changing the field name should minimize such error.

  3. Thanks for creating a JIRA issue on this. Can you please have this fixed soon because I couldn’‘t find a way to reset this. I wonder where such info is stored. Couldn’‘t find it in gatewayPseudoRoster and gatewayRegistration. I need to do some thorough beta tests on IRC functionality. Please help… unless you don’'t want me to keep you busy with bug reports Thanks in advance.

  1. Ok, I renamed those fields to avoid this issue. =) See 1.0 Beta 2 that will be released soon.

  2. It should be fixed now. (1.0 Beta 2)