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Bug: Admin "User Summary" pages behave strangely

I have 196 users on my server right now, and the “User Summary” pages behave very strangely, no matter how many items I choose per page. For example, if I choose 100 per page I get a line that says "Pages: ", with “1” in bold and “2” as a clickable link; all good. If I click “2”, I see the second page but now the top says: " Pages: "… what happened to page 1?

If I set 25 per page, my initial value is " Pages: " with 1 bold and the others links, and all looks good. If I click the “2” link I see: " Pages: "; again, where’‘s 1? If I click 3 I get: " Pages: " (no 1 or 2); if I click 6 I see: " Pages: "…? There was enough room to display all of them before and now it’'s elided?

Seems like there’'s a bug lurking in the page handling here somewhere.

BTW, I created an account at the bug tracker to try to log this as a bug, but couldn’'t find any link anywhere to create a new bug/issue… are regular accounts not allowed to create them, or was the link just too well hidden for me?

Thanks for the bug report. I’'m fairly certain this bug has already been fixed for the upcoming release.

On bug reporting – it’‘s not possible to enter bugs directly into the bug tracker. The best place to report them is in the forums (as you’'ve done). Any of the developers can then turn that into a JIRA issue.