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BUG? Cannot communicate with particular contact

Spark 2.6 beta on Windows 7.

I have probably 30 contacts in my company in Openfire server 3.7 beta.

I am “Dan” and I use Spark on one machine.

Another contact named “Angela” recently started using Spark as well (though the account was created around the same time as all the others).

If Angela messages me or if I try to message Angela (by double clicking on her name in the contact list), Spark locks up (though I can still bring up the contact list and see contact, the window does not respond) and pegs at 50% CPU usage. I have to end task and restart it.

I have tried logging in as “Dan” on another PC, and everything works fine, so it must be something peculiar to the installation on this PC.

Angela has no problem talking to any other people in the company, and I have no problem talking to any other people in the company from the same PC.

I could try reinstalling Spark on this machine, but I don’t know if this is worth investigating further or not.

Something to try - on the PC in question log in to the OS with different user, open Spark and log in as “Dan” and test. If that works log in as yourself, go to your “profile” and delete information for the Spark’s user “Dan”. Then run Spark and log in as “Dan” and se ho it works.

A little late, but we had a similar issue here. Deleting the transcripts from that person resolved the issue. Here’s the path:

WinXP: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Spark\user\username@servername\transcripts

Win7: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Spark\user\username@servername\transcripts