BUG: Conference Invitations Not Sent/Received

We’'re noticing that if a client gets disconnected (via a network outage/hiccup/etc), when they reconnect (without restarting Spark), they no longer can receive conference invitations.

We’'re running Wildfire Wildfire 3.1.0 & Spark 2.0.7.

Has anyone logged this bug (or is it fixed in Wildfire 3.1.1?) I’‘m not sure if it’'s a client issue, a server issue, etc. Assuming it is fixed in 2.0.8 (or whatever the next release of Spark is), when can we expect it being available?

Well I think you have just solved a mystery to me. I have Matt here at Jive keep telling me that time to time, invitations do not work, and i could never reproduce. So thank you very much for the reproducable steps.




Any idea when this will be fixed?