[bug] dialback broken in 3.7.0

The manual how to fix this:

I compiled it on linux, centos 5.6, all worked fine.

My binary is based on version 3.7.0.

You can attach your compiled openfire.jar here (use advanced editor), so more people can test it. Also can you attach your patch in diff format? I will attach it to the ticket.

Ok, sorry. About patch: i don’t invent anything, i just delete 'version 1.0" from the xml, nothing more. But the lines

stream.append(" to="").append(remoteDomain).append(""");

stream.append(" from="").append(localDomain).append(""")

are obligate…

And one more thing, i don’t have enoght time to full test, but as i could see, there is some bug with offline messaging in S2S. I will investigate it later.
openfire.jar (7194400 Bytes)
ServerDialback.java.zip (7872 Bytes)

We believe we’ve fixed this issue now. The fix is available in the latest nightly builds of Openfire. More details can be found in issue OF-443

I think I have a slightly improved fix for dialback: