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Bug: Disabling secureport on admin colsole with "-1"

In the openfire.xml file it is stated that either <port> or <secureport> can be disabled by setting it to " -1 "

When I set <secureport> to -1 in openfire.xml however, the admin console will show the secure access port inputbox as blank and when I try to save any settings it states that I must input a valid port (apparently it does not see -1 as valid) I have also tried setting this secure port to 99999 (also invalid) in the web-admin colsole. It allows this invalid port for some reason and upon restarting openfire the web admin console produces a 404 error when trying to log-in.

It seems that the web-admin interface is programmed to see the port “-1” as invalid (which technically it is) although in openfire the port should be seen as valid. Also it sees ports above 65535 as valid, also not so good. This is my first bug report so I do not know how to post it to the admin plugin group. If someone knows how to forward this to them please do.


Hey John,

Thanks for the bug report. I filed it as JM-1138. Instead of exposing the fact that you can set a -1 value to disable the listeners we will redesign the page so you can use a radio button to enable/disable the service and if enabled you can set the port to use. For now you will have to manually edit the openfire.xml file and restart the server.


– Gato