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Bug found: Spark 2.5.0 beta 3 + Secondary logon


I think this one’'s tough…

I’‘m Running Windows XP SP2 and Spark 2.5.0 beta 3 (I don’‘t think I’'ve seen the issue in previous versions)

Try running Spark, and start a cmd or mmc with another user by using the runas command (e.g. runas /user:Administrator cmd)

While Spark is connected (it is not enough to have it running, it has to be connected) the window of the program running as the other user is completely frozen.

When Spark is disconnected, the other window reacts.

This doesn’'t happen when the same program is run as the current user

I have tried this on 2 different PCs with similar configuration



We are having the same issue on two different Windows XP SP2 systems running Spark 2.5 beta 2. I will try completely removing and reinstalling beta 3, and see if there’'s any improvement.


I upgraded my JRE to the latest version (1.5 update 11) and completely removed all traces of Spark, then reinstalled 2.5.0 Beta 3. The bug is still there. I have gone back to version 2.0.8 for now.

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do you use the same install directory for both Spark instances? Maybe you have a problem accessing some locked resources or log files. Does it work if you make a copy of the Spark directory and use it to run Spark?

A thread dump of Spark may help to resolve this issue, http://www.adaptj.com/root/main/download offers a tool to create thread dumps - I assume that you need to start the browser also with runas to use the same user for Spark and Stacktrace.


I used spark_2_5_0_beta3.exe to install, with all the default options in both cases.

Spark runs with the logon user (so it is quite simple to run Stacktrace)

I doubt there is any locked resource… as Spark runs without problems.

It isn’'t Spark that freezes, it is the other applications.

I have taken 3 snapshots with StackTrace on different stages, but it could be a bit long and confusing to paste it here.

Do you want me to email it to you?




sorry, you’'re right - I missed that only the runas-application locks. So also I could reproduce this issue and a Stacktrace of Spark will not help here. Hopefully Derek finds out which JNI call causes this trouble.


I’‘ve thought this might be caused by a mouse and key native handlers I am using and have moved back to an older version of idle detection. I’'m hoping that the handlers were the culprits.



I have found the same problem. When Spark is running cannot RUNAS into MMC - Microsoft Management Console. We are network sysadmins and use Spark to communicate with each other across the WAN. Therefore we need to run “mmc dsa.msc” using an administrative Windows account to manage the Win2k Servers and User Accounts, etc.

Problem occurs as far back as version 2.4.1 and up. Version 2.0.8 does not have the problem. Whenever Spark is logged in to the Wildfire server it hangs the MMC which stops responding. As soon as Spark is logged off or exited the MMC immediately starts responding again. There is some sort of conflict.

Uninstalling and reverting to Spark 2.0.8 causes the problem to stop occurring. Unfortunately, I don’'t have time to do a debug thread trace or memory dump of mmc.exe and/or Spark.

You don’'t even need to have Win2k server tools to make it happen. It happens just performing a RUNAS with another domain account when launching MMC. Even with no plugins it starts clocking and not responding with the hourglass if Spark 2.4.1+ is running.

Two of us were running the betas of Spark. One 2.4.1 and another 2.5.1 Beta 2 and we both had the problem. Found others reporting problems with Spark 2.5.1 Beta 3 on this thread. Hence my two cents worth.

Could it possibly be an issue with Java 1.6 JRE? All of our Spark installs used the included JRE and did not rely on an existing JRE.

The problem appears to be fixed in version 2.5.0 beta 4