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BUG: Group sharing with Uppercase usernames from LDAP

I upgraded a customers OpenFire Instance from 3.7.1 to 3.8.2. (with migration to new server)

Openfire is set up to use users and group from OpenLDAP

The usernames in OpenLDAP begin with Uppercase


Cognitus, crew, example.ch

dn: cn=Cognitus,ou=crew,dc=example,dc=ch


dn: cn=jabber,ou=groups,dc=example,dc=ch
memberUid: Spike
memberUid: Rod
memberUid: Cognitus

I found a problem with the group sharing:

When I enable group sharing only with the group itself, the users are not subscribed (not added to each others roster).

When I enable group sharing for all users, the Users are subscribed to all other Users, but with capital first letter of the JID: Cognitus@jabber.example.ch instead of cognitus@jabber.example.ch and only with “to” instead of “both”.

I managed to get “both” with lowercase when disabling group sharing, restarting the server and enabling then group sharing for all. Strange, but this worked (at first by accident, but can be reproduced)

On the 3.7.1 instance it is all lowercase but they use Capital Usernames for login and connection. There the group sharing works as defined.

I couldn’t find a real solution.

Is this a known bug or what can I do to get group sharing working properly?

Hello Philipp,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have raised a ticket to track this issue: OF-696

I cannot write in the still open issue. But this is still a problem.

On my setup, username are in capitals for most users except some “service” username. Those service logins are association with a group but not users that contains capitals.

So result is that we cannot share the roster until it is fixed.