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Bug in Group management

I was using Jive Messenger 2.2.0, but recently upgraded to 2.2.2 . The problem is exsisting in both versions. I have a total of 187 groups created. When I go to manage the groups, the page shows me page 1/2 w/ 15 groups present. However, if I go to page 2 I see no groups at all. Has something happened?

Pc Pixel,

What database are you using? That might help us narrow down the issue.



How would I find that out? My guess would be it was a 2.2.0 database.

I was originally using 2.1.5, but when I upgraded the server to 2.2.0 I discovered the databases weren’'t compatible. I noticed the problem while using the 2.2.0 version of the server. I thought perhaps upgrading to 2.2.2 might solve the problem. So I uninstalled the 2.2.0 server & installed 2.2.2. I reconfigured it to work with my database but to no availe.

If you mean what version of the actual database software I’‘m using, it’'s MS-SQL 7.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’'m not sure if this is related to my previous bug; but I encountered this today:

I created two more user accounts & a new group. After adding these users to the group, I realized I’'d created a redundant group. So, rather than move the two into the old one I moved the one user into the new group & told the server to delete the old group.

As soon as I removed the group, I was flooded with calls from my users telling me things like:

-A completely different group had disappeared completely

-Random users were being removed/marked “not in list”

-Users received a message stating

Your authorization has been removed!

I’'ve cleaned up most of the mess. Rebooting the server seemed to solve some of it. But what happened?!