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Bug in openfire.xml

Hi all,

I’m new to openfire, and I was configuring the openfire.xml to integrate my postgres database with openfire database and when I put the admin tag part

like that:


and run the server, then trying to enter the admin username and password as they are in my database table the server remove the

<authorizedUsernames>samy</authorizedUsernames> from the XML.
Do anyone know why does this happen?



Openfire stores this information in the database and removes it from the XML file.


Thanks for your fast reply.

So how can I resolve this issue to make the admin console connect to administrator console casuse everytime I try to log to admin it remove the tag and access denied.


you may want to use or the Openfire system property admin.authorizedJIDs and add there a comma-delimitted list of JIDs. It seems that authorizedUsernames is not really supported.


Thanks a lot, I figured the problem out and solved it.