Bug in revision 12211

Chat window > place to write message to user - something wrong when I’m writtng message.

change color of “TextPane.background” to RGB: 255,255,255 and 100 for opacity

on earlier versions this was mistakenly set to 0%Opacity, but the default is changed now

Will be fixed in latest revisions to avoid changing it manually?

already is since revision 12197

if you have a clean profile you wont have this issue, but if youve been testing daily versions it will not apply the default value, since the revisions 12185 -12196 save a different value.

in short:

  • upgrade from 2.5.8 to 2.6.0rc2 no problem

  • upgrade from dailybuild(12185-12196) to another dailybuild(129197-xxx) problem remains