Bug in Wildfire 3.2

Hi sry for reporting Bugs here … where’'s the bugtracker and how can i add bugs into it?

now the very astonishing bug:

if i log in / try to log in from any computer and break the process (e.g. by cutting the i-net connection or the power connection) the user stays listed as online and the button “close connection” in the admin interface doesn’‘t work. either i can’'t reconnect with the same resource and … very annoying - “killall java” fails … only a “killall -9 java” helped to “shutdown” the wildfire server …

can someone else reproduce this bug?

I can reproduce something similar. When a user is on wireless and goes to either a hard wired connection, or a second wireless hotspot, AND they didn’'t send a presence of offline, then it will usually cause a second connection. I can usually click the close connection link and it will kill that connection however.



this is the right place to post bug reports. Can you also provide a threaddump (kill -3 wildfirepid) when this problem does occur. I assume that Wildfires login process locks somewhere.