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BUG: Inconsistent session status icons

I’‘m calling this a bug, but it’‘s almost so trivial that I don’‘t want to even mention it, much less label it a bug. But, I’'m a perfectionist, so here goes…

Using JM 2.1.3, when someone is away for more than 30 minutes (Extended Away), the Session Summary page shows their status icon as yellow, but when you click on the user to view their session details, the icon is red. Shouldn’'t these images be the same?

Sorry for being so picky!



Fixed! Thanks for the bug report. I’'m probably not going to create an issue tracker report on this one though… heh.


hey, i’‘m glad to see someone like me:D yes i’‘m picky about such “cosmetic” bugs too;) Hm… i’'m now upgrading to 2005-05-12 nightly, so should i see red baloons or yellow still?:slight_smile:

hm… what about 2.1.4? It’'s still yellow when XA. And dont forget this flabberish icons in Users Summary;)

Hey wroot,

The initial bug report was that on the summary page XA had a yellow icon and in the details page the icon was red. So the fix was to show in both pages the yellow icon. Are you seeing something different?

I didn’'t understand the “flabberish icons” problem. Could you be more specific?


– Gato

The patch submitted by Matt set the image to yellow when XA. I think red is for DND. Sounds like you are seeing the right behavior.

i just thought it should be red:) Well, to distinguish Away and XA better. Hm, so you say it should be yellow anyway? Now i cant really decide could red icons be convinient or just disturbing.

“Flabberish” i ment those icons on Users Summary page. I’'ve just remembered old movie “Flabber”:smiley:

thanx, no it’'s more clear to me. Just didnt know about this color signing of presences.

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I’'ve just remembered old movie “Flabber”:smiley:

Wasn’'t it called Flubber?

Perhaps a different color would be useful for XA. How about orange?

My original report was about the inconsistency of XA being yellow in one spot and red in another.

Damn it:D I’'m always misspelling something:)

Yes, i understood what you were talking about, i just thought you wanted them to be red in both places. Nevermind:)

Orange… hm… Dont know. How would it look like on Users Summary? Not too much of colors?:slight_smile: