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[BUG] Jive Messenger takes 100% CPU


Sometime, Jive Messenger takes 100% cpu of my server. I don’‘t know exactly what is in cause, but I will describe how it happened (2 times this week but it’'s not the first time that happened).

  • My client connexion is dropped because my ISP disconnected my PPPoE session and allowed me an new IP.

  • I reconnected to my Jabber server with my client.

  • My MSN transport (PyMSN-t) didn’‘t connect my contacts on my roster. I manually connected it (right click on the transport and “connect” with Gajim)… didn’‘t work… I sent “end” to the transport and retry to reconnect… don’'t work.

  • I look at my SSH session and do a “top” and I see that the Jive Messenger process takes 100% CPU.

  • I logon on the web admin interface of Jive Messenger and I disconnected the MSN transport. Some seconds later, the transport reconnected, Jive Messenger stopped to take 100% CPU and my MSN contacts appeared online on my roster.

I think this is a bug in Jive Messenger. I can help you to localise the problem with more information if you need.


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Hey Ohmer,

It would be of help if you can get a thread dump of the JVM while the JM is consuming 100% of the CPU. Feel free to send the thread dump by email to me since it may get rather big.


– Gato

How can I do that ?

Hey Ohmer,

In Windows, use CTRL-BREAK in the console window (you have to start Jive Messenger as a console instead of a service). In linux, send “kill -3” to the process.


– Gato

Thanks you.

I will do this next time the server will take 100% CPU.


I reproduced the bugs and I sent you the Java dump by mail with 2 versions. The first when the server took 100% cpu and the last after I killed the connection of the MSN transport.

Hey Francis,

I just sent you an email with my feedback. If we found the problem we should update this thread so others can benefit from your experience.


– Gato