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Bug: LDAP Base DN with spaces gets truncated when editing

Just a quick bug report now I know what’s happening:

If you have configured OpenFire for LDAP and go to the server settings and enter in a Base DN with spaces in it (e.g. OU=My Org Unit) then when saving it will have quotes added around it (e.g. OU=“My Org Unit”). When editing again however, it gets truncated at the first double-quote, so all that appears in the field is OU=

Even testing an OU with spaces will cause it to get cut off when the test is complete.

This is with OpenFire 3.6.4

this is because spaces are not valid characters in LDAP strings. The quotes are for manually “fixing” bad pathing names by people using spaces. The admin web interface does not support space though, never has.

Really? Because the admin interface works fine with spaces, it’s the quotes that confuse it.

At any rate it’s definitely a bug in OpenFire, the values you type in end up in the raw HTML page:

<input name="basedn" id="jiveLDAPbasedn" size="40" maxlength="150" **value="OU=" my="" org="" unit="" ,dc="com"** style="width: 90%;" type="text">

I’m assuming this still has not been fixed in the admin web interface…

Don’t know why you’d assume that. It was fixed in 4.3.0.