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BUG: Message.as::deserialize() does not support HTML

Message.as contains getters and setters for an htmlBody property and properly serializes the corresponding stanza node but does not contain any facilty to deserialize the same. In revision 11468, see lines 213-257. No case statement exists for HTML.

Please write a patch…


Take a look round the forums - I know this one is answered because we had the same problem and now we have XEP 0071 working just fine with XIFF/Openfire.

Just tracked it down - this is the post that fixed it for us:


I think the fix is already on trunk…

Try this:
Message.as patch.txt.zip (977 Bytes)

Are you sure this one was fixed with the change you reference? I’ve not been successful in getting that to work.

I’ll send you our code when I get to my work machine. XHTML messages were working fine except for one thing: When you sent an XHTML message and you didn’t have voice XIFF blew up on the deserialization. We’ve sorted that too so I’ll post the before and after classes here with an explanation.

Awesome! Thanks!

Hi Mikey,

Have you had a chance to track down your source with the fix for this? Fixing this has percolated to the top of my list again.



Hey, apologies for the delay, just sending you a private message now (with my MSN details as well)

Hi Matt,

This one is for you - note the clone in the deserialize method
XHTMLExtension(2).as.zip (1573 Bytes)