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Bug: Multiple Transports to Same Network for Single Client


If I add two transports to the same network for the same client, the second overwrites the first in the admin center.


user: user1, transport: msn, username: user1@hotmail.com, password: user1pass

user: user1, transport: msn, username: user1_2@hotmail.com, password: user1pass

The first registration is overwritten by the second.

Is there a workaround for this behavior?


That’s not a bug =) It’s expected behavior. The transports only support one registration per XMPP account. (even in that scenario you presented, how would the plugin know that you didn’t mean to overwrite the original account? there’s no current way of telling what your desire is there) Multiple accounts per transport is something that’s on the radar, but it’s one of those things that’s going to require a lot of rewriting, some XEPs written up and worked on for how to handle various issues from a client side … etc etc. See GATE-184

Thanks, I’ll be keeping my eye on that JIRA issue then