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[BUG] Openfire from SVN

The admin console does not automatically log you out after whatever the time limit is – 3.6.4 pre-built that’s available via the Downloads does.



Can someone confirm this? For me it works fine.

Hm, and for me it doesnt work either with 3.6.4 nor 3.6.5 I have left my computer idle for more than 10 mins. and i still can browse Admin Console and it doesnt logout. I was sure it was working for me at work. I have tried both on localhost and from remote computer. Don’t know what timeout is set for the Admin Console.

Yes I’ve realized that a smoking break doesn’t reach the timeout but a lunch break does.

Are we going to classify Openfire unfit for people that smoke?

Yes. I confirm that lunch break is enough. Timeout is probably about 30-40 mins. Have just tested this with 3.6.5.

Guess so – Did the timing change at all? It seemed to get longer from the svn version compared to the site version, but mine in fact does log me out.