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Bug or wrong configuration?

Hi Folks,

I have a small Problem concerning non-anonymous Rooms.

I run a community where it is absolutely neccesary, that every user in am MUC is seen with the REAL Nick !!!

I configured the Rooms like this:

Only login with registered nickname : Checked

Allow Occupants to change nicknames : Unchecked

I now found a way to get into the room with a non-real Nick.

  1. Login with 2 different Clients, e.g. Exodus & Jeti

  2. Join Room with Exodus

  3. Join Room with Jeti

  4. I get a Popup saying that Nickname is allready used and to provide a new nick.

  5. Type in a new nick

I now have a User in the Room with a non-real nick with all chat-capabilities.

This seem to me like a bug in Jive.


JC Heyer


I’‘m not sure if this is a bug in Jive Manager or the client, which shouldn’'t allow aliassing under those circumstances. Could be both. Have you tried changing names in the other client?

Exodus doesnt give me the Input-Box for an alternative User-Name.

It´s seem to be something like a combined Bug.

One in Jeti (or is it a feature ?? g) and one in Jive.