Bug Report: IP-address to bind to in admin interface


I’‘ve discovered a bug in the Wildfire admin interface. The server I’‘m running it on is multi-homed, it has about 20 different IPs. I’'ve told Wildfire to bind to only a single IP of them, which works fine (verified using netstat -npa).

However, in the admin interface, it tells me that it’‘s bound to the main IP of the server. This is not what I want, but as far as I can see, it’'s only a display issue.

(I’'m using Wildfire 3.0.1 on Linux and Java 1.5.0_07)

Hi Andi,

vote for JM-783 to get this resolved (:


Hey guys,

Issue JM-783 is fixed now. In the next nightly build you will find the bug fix.


– Gato