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Bug Report: Multiple DNS SRV records on Dialback

Inbound server-to-server XMPP connections fail on dialback when the calling server has a high-priority record that fails. OpenFire gives up on dialback when it fails to contact the first server in the DNS query, instead of falling back to the next record.


Domain1 has two SRV records: 0 0 5269 server1.domain1.com and 20 0 server2.domain1.com.

Openfire server at domain2 fails dialback because it only tries to verify key with server1.domain1.com instead of trying to contact server2.domain1.com.


Add IP of server2.domain1.com as server1.domain1.com in /etc/hosts file.

Thanks, filed as OF-773

Are you still seeing this bug with Openfire 4.0.3 ?