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Bug Report: Shared Roster Group


Just letting you know I think I have found a bug… Running JM 2.3.0… Exodus and Spark for clients… LDAP via A/D… Shared roster groups (from LDAP) are not showing in my roster… The traffic window says it got the message (as you can see by the log below) but it never added them in my roster…


Is it just Spark that doesn’'t add them to the roster? They should be added to the offline group initialy, but if not, then there may be an issue.

I’'m really not sure anymore which clients do what… All I know is I started the client (exodus was running already) connected and no contacts were listed, looked at the debug window and saw the packets from the server…

great, thanks jsherman. Do you have any presence notifications after the items? This is what would place them in their correct group.


there were no other packets in the log at all… I had just re-installed the server… So the group was not shared at first

then I disconnected the client

went into the admin console

shared the group

opened Spark again

and no roster items still

that’'s when I looked at the debug and found those packets…