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[bug_report] unicode messages bug (squares added in the middle of messages)


This bug appeared from version 3.3.3 (ver 3.3.2 worked correctly) and still exist in the latest 3.4.2 release. Please find its details here:

openfire 3.4.1 russian charset error

Workaround exist (theoretically) on that thread, but nobody released patched version there.

Please don’t leave this bug across the releases…


as JM-1175 already exists it’s useless to create yet another thread which states that there is a well known bug.

You - and all other users which do not use ASCII only - may want to create a JIRA account and vote for this issue to get it solved, currently only one user did vote for it. I can’t vote for it as I did create the issue.


Just voted for it.

Does somebody know how to safely downgrade to 3.3.2 ? I can’t login after downgrade, don’t know why