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Bug Report: User cannot open Spark on first load

When Spark is launched for the first time it extracts a number of .jar files from .pack files located in Spark\lib, however a User does not have permissions to write to this directory and therefore the Spark.exe process exits almost immediately. Once the application has been launched by an Administrator, Power User, or User with Modify permissions to the folder (and they only need to reach the login screen and then close Spark) the application can be started normally by a user.

I’ve attached a filter Microsoft Sysinternal Process Monitor log which shows the Access Denied errors.
Spark.PML (87312 Bytes)

Yes, I confirm this. You are right 100%.

Whenever we deploy spark to a new machine an admin has to logon and run spark once…thereafter it works fine for a user who has no admin rights on that machine.

The reason is exactly what you have described above. Spark’s build should not do that ! This is not good.

Ick =) SPARK-906 Great find!